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To Whom It May Concern, 

Upward Rhythm Productions (URP) has produced quality music since it's inception.  Jhosta - the back bone of URP - has functioned as the Coordinator for the Male Responsibility Program with the Detroit Urban League.  He has also functioned as a Consultant for the Wayne County Neighborhood Legal Service in the Detroit Public School System and Surrounding areas.  He has taught classes to High School Students and Middle School Students on Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Violence & Crime Prevention, Alcohol & Drug Prevention, and Avoidance of Irresponsible Sexual Behavior.  With a Bachelor Degree in Nursing and a License to operate in the health care arena as a Registered Nurse, Jhosta has mentored in over 75 schools and classroom settings in Detroit and the surrounding areas.  The focus has always been to encourage Students to pursue academic excellence and holistic success in life.  He has done shows and special appearances in Florida, New York, Illinois, Georgia, and Indiana (to name a few places).  He has also mastered the art of combining music with inspirational lyrics and topics pertinent to our youth!  

ClJhosta is available for speaking engagements for a very nominal negotiable amount.