Jhosta CD "EXTREME PASSION" :  $8 
(Includes Tracks: "The Precious Web",
"Heart Of A King", plus three instrumental
Tracks - Party / Laid back mode). 
Jhosta CD "I'M STILL HERE" :  $6 
(Includes Tracks: "Jesus For The World" - featuring Pastor Ora Marie Clay, plus two instrumental Tracks - Strong Gospel redemption message). 
Jhosta CD "THE DARK SIDE" :  $6 
(Includes Tracks: "Diggin' Your Own Ditch", plus two instrumental Tracks - Get right message to the streets). 
Jhosta CD "KICKIN' REALISM" :  $10 
(Includes Tracks: "Heart Of A King", "The Dark Side", Dat Really Really", "Diggin' Your Own Ditch", plus five instrumental Tracks - Positive rap message). 
Jhosta CD "TOO BOLD TO FOLD" :  $10 
(Includes Tracks: "Get Ready Intro", "I'm Still Here", "Sincerely Yours", "Heart Of A King (reprise)", "Jesus For The World", plus six instrumental Tracks - Off the hook Gospel rap). 
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Mailing Address: Upward Rhythm Productions, P.O. Box 06672 Detroit, MI 48206-0672, USA
Email Contact: UpwardRhythm@UpwardRhythmProductions.com
Telephone: 1-313-207-4888 
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"THE BATTLE READY PRAYERCD:  Free with any purchase off this site.  CD contains over 16
minutes of anointed prayers by Mr. Aaron Hopson
www.GemsFromJoy.com   (music by Jhosta). 
Anna Marie CD "INCREASE MY FAITH" :  $5 
(Receive a free CD with the purchase of this anointed contemporary Gospel music from vocalist Anna Marie).   
Anna Marie CD "BLESS YOU BACK" :  $5 
(Anna Marie returns on her 2nd project with more soulful Gospel.  Receive a free CD with this purchase).  
Aaron Hopson & Jhosta
Anointed passages from the book and life of Aaron Hopson, Strong Gospel Rap, Excellent Music, and Anointed Prayers  combine for a project that will bless any young person.
www.GemsFromJoy.com   (music by Jhosta). 
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Jesse Howard CD "SHINE" :  $5 
(Receive a free CD with the purchase 
of this soothing Jazz flavored R & B). 
From now throughout the month of December 2018:  Upward Rhythm Productions will send out every CD listed for only $45 (forty five dollars).
To order this bulk package deal, go to the donate link below and make mention of this offer along with your submission of payment  !!!  Or simply order $45 worth of anything below and you will automatically get everything listed below !!!  Enjoy the music, and do take advantage of this offer !!!
Click on the link or CD cover below to visit: 
Upward Rhythm For Christ Ministries 

 Get your free copy of  "The Battle Ready Prayer" CD  or simply make additional requests for more.

Jhosta CD "MOTIVATION" :  $5 
(Jhosta and D. Knight collaborate on this Community oriented positive CD).    
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Minister Leslie J. Kimbro 
A narrative of the most promising passages in the bible concerning God's promises on healing.  A woman of God, Leslie Kimbro, speaks with her captivating style set to a delightful instrumental produced by Jhosta.  
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The Black Knight "I BEEN A SOLDIER" :  $5
(Includes Tracks: "On The Grind", plus 
"Fountain Of Eternal Waters" featuring Jhosta.
Encouraging Christian Rap Music). 
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